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Write us    Phone: 250-595-1551    Fax: 250-595-1000

About Us

A Hub for Heart Health

Starting in 1969 as Western Cardiology, Pulse Complete Cardiac Care began with the goal of improving patient outcomes by bringing together specialists in cardiology to create a hub for heart health. Pulse Complete Cardiac Care was conceived after the CEO of RebalanceMD, Stefan Fletcher, was approached by Dr. Markus Sikkel with the idea of mirroring the model that RebalanceMD put in place for Orthopaedics within the world of Cardiology and heart health.

Pulse Complete Cardiac Care has a comprehensive multidisciplinary cardiovascular care team focused on excellence. By using collected datasets and expanding its team to include more cardiovascular care specialists, the newly branded Pulse Complete Cardiac Care creates a safe and effective environment, allowing room for innovation, research, education and collaboration.

For all of your heart concerns and surgery needs, Pulse Complete Cardiac Care offers a simple, compassionate, expert team ready to take care of your cardiovascular needs.

Our Mission

To provide coordinated quality comprehensive cardiovascular care for our community.


Working together, both internally and externally, to reduce wait times, remove obstacles, and provide the right level of care.


Services and products for all cardiovascular needs.


Cutting edge, effective, efficient, reliable and caring cardiovascular services and technologies.


An influential, active, and caring member of the Vancouver Island community. Leader, innovator, and educator to the health care community of British Columbia with a pulse on global cardiovascular care needs.


We provide expert, quality, and proper care, holding ourselves to the highest standard of health care excellence.


We are honest, accurate, and consistent with our words and with our actions.


We are leaders in re-balancing health care. We do not want to settle for the status quo; we want better care for our patients.


We are dedicated to research and the education of our staff and local professional community.

Meet Our Team

We are Victoria’s cardiovascular experts.

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