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Butter Versus Margarine Versus Olive Oil for Heart Health

For those of you who wonder if butter, margarine, or olive oil is better for the health of your heart, be informed that olive oil is best. Butter is high in saturated fat, which is reported to cause heart disease, and although margarine can be a healthier alternative, not all kinds of margarine are right for you. Even if the margarine that is better for your health than butter, you should eat it in moderation. The information that follows provides more detailed information on the subject of butter versus margarine versus olive oil for a healthy heart.  

Butter contains a significant amount of saturated fat, which has been found to cause heart disease. Margarine that contains hydrogenated oils or trans fats can also cause cardiovascular disease, however. 

Since margarine that contains trans fats lower good cholesterol and raise the bad cholesterol in the body, it can be worse for heart health than butter. Furthermore, trans fats can increase inflammation in the body and raise triglyceride levels, which link to heart problems. 

Margarine that contains plant sterols contribute to healthy cholesterol levels, though. Unsaturated fat, as is found in olive oil, nuts, and seeds, have proved to be beneficial in the prevention of heart disease. 

Since butter and margarine that contains trans fats can be harmful to the health of your heart, you should try to limit your intake of these foods. You should try to incorporate more olive oil into your diet. Olive oil, as well as nuts and seeds, are part of a Mediterranean diet, which evidence shows is linked to good health, especially for the heart. 


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